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  • Is very important in cell division and development of new tissues.
  • Strengthens stems and stalks.
  • Builds nucleic acids, proteins and enzyme.
  • Stimulates root development.
  • Improves flower formation and seed production.


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Earth Pulse is designed to improve soil health and plant growth at various stages of development. It provides a balanced blend of essential nutrients and organic matter that nourishes crops from their early growth stage to maturity. By enriching the soil with vital nutrients, such as phosphorous, Earth Pulse ensures optimal plant development and increased yield potential.

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Earth Pulse is a granular form of Phosphate rich Organic manure. It is a sustainable alternative to synthetic fertilizers and helps promote soil biodiversity and fertility. Earth Pulse can improve the quality of crops and enhance their resistance to environmental stressors. Earth Pulse provides a balanced blend of essential nutrients, including phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium, which are vital for optimal plant growth. This balanced nutrient profile ensures that crops have access to the nutrients they need, resulting in healthier plants and improved yields.

Why Use EARTH PULSE? – Benefits:

  • This organic manure keeps the soil productive till a long time.
  • The organic carbon, phosphorous and nitrogen increases the productivity of soil.
  • It improves basic structure of the soil.
  • The phosphorus, nitrogen and organic carbon help improve physical Property of soil.
  • It regulates evacuation power of soil.
  • It regulates and makes the fertility of soil sustainable.
  • The organic carbon in this manure increases the produce significantly.
  • Stops soil from becoming acidic or basic and maintains pH value of soil.
  • This manure provides copper, zinc, cobalt and other such micro nutrients to the plant from soil.
  • Fertilizers primarily focus on Root, flowers, and fruit development.
  • Enhances germination and plant growth visibly improved root growth and structure.
  • Uniform crop maturity.
  • Has an essential role in photosynthesis
  • Increases disease resistance.
  • Is an essential component of DNA, the genetic material that allows plants to grow and reproduce.
  • Is a vital component of ARP, the main energy transfer compound which allows cells to conserve and use the energy released in metabolism.

Earth Pulse application stages:

  • Growth Stage: Apply Earth Pulse during early plant growth to support root development and overall plant vigor.
  • Pre-Flowering Stage: Apply Earth Pulse as plants transition to the reproductive phase to provide essential nutrients for flower and fruit formation.
  • Fruiting/Poding Stage: Apply Earth Pulse when plants are setting fruits or developing pods to enhance fruit quality and support healthy pod filling.
  • Maturity Stage: Apply Earth Pulse during the final stage of plant growth to promote optimal ripening and improve crop quality.

Following these application stages helps maximize the benefits of Earth Pulse for crop growth and development.

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