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In Indian cuisine, green chilies are used to impart spice. They are consumed both raw and cooked. Sun-dried chilies turn red and are used to manufacture red chili powder, which is a staple in Indian cuisine.

How to Chilies:

Chili may be grown in containers simpler than in the garden. Furthermore, you can eat fresh and organic chilies at any moment! To start planting chilies in containers, choose a container that is large enough for the plant. A 12-15-inch container with adequate drainage holes is good.

Climate Requirements:

The recommended temperature range for chili growth is between 200 and 250 degrees Celsius. Crop development is hampered at temperatures of 37°C or higher. Similarly, when there is a lot of rain, the plant starts to decompose. When there is a lack of moisture throughout the fruiting period, the bud does not develop properly.

Fertilizer Requirement:

Fertilize your plants with cow dung manure at regular intervals, as plants thrive in soil that is rich in organic matter.


The carrot rust fly is the most common insect that damages Chili. 1 It lays its eggs near the Chili top in the soil. When the eggs hatch, the larvae dig their way into the earth and then into the roots of the Chili, where they feed and construct tunnels. Carrot weevils can do the same thing.

Water Requirement:

Chilies don’t need a lot of water, so just water when the topsoil is dry. Furthermore, ensure that the soil is permeable, as the plants will rot if they are not able to endure moisture for an extended period of time.


These plants demand full sunlight to thrive, therefore find a bright location while keeping the plants in the shade.

Item Value
Growing Temperature 20⁰-25⁰C
Germination Temperature 30-35 °C Ideal
Germination Time 7-12 days
Soil pH 6.5-7.5
Sunlight Need 5-6 hours per day
Preferred Planting Method Direct sowing/ Transplanting
Container size 10-15 liter per plant
Time to Harvest 75 days from germination depending on the variety
Harvest Period  75 days
Pollination insect/bee pollination
Typical Pests Chili Thrips, Green peach aphid, Gram caterpillar, Yellow mite, Tobacco cutworm
Typical Diseases Leaf spot, Damping off, Fruit Rot and Die Back, Powdery mildew, Fusarium wilt, Leaf curl virus
Best season to grow in India January – February

June – July

September- October



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