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Tomatoes are a sun-loving plant, starting seeds in March or April will result in plants that are large enough to be moved outside in the full sun just as the weather warms up. Tomato plants cannot withstand chilly temperatures and so cannot thrive during the winter months. As a result, never plant tomatoes during the cold months.

How to Grow Tomato:

Fill a small container with potting soil, leaving a few inches above the top.

Sprinkle the tomato seeds over it, but don’t overcrowd it (provide some gap between them). Apply a little covering of Abono Cocopeat to these seeds. Now lightly spritz it with a garden sprayer to moisten the soil.

Keep this pot somewhere warm and dark (no sunlight). Move the pot to a spot that receives bright but indirect sunshine after they begin to germinate.

Climate Requirements:

Temperatures between 21 and 24°C produce the optimum fruit color and quality. Fruit set and development are harmed by temperatures exceeding 32 degrees Celsius. Frost and high humidity are too much for the plants to handle. It necessitates a low to medium amount of rainfall.

Fertilizer Requirement:

When the plant begins to flower, it is in the early stages of generating tomatoes, and this is the time to provide it with adequate nourishment so that it can produce healthy tomatoes for you.


Check for aphids under the leaves every now and then. If you come across them, use a water jet to flush them out. You might also use neem spray once a week to get rid of them. Remove any leaf-eating caterpillars or insects manually if you discover them. If you don’t look for the first thing in the morning, you’ll never find them.

Water Requirement:

Depending on its height, climate, and soil type, each tomato plant needs a varied amount of water. Tomatoes require 1-1.2 inches of water each week on average.

Item Value
Growing Temperature 21 – 24 °C
Germination Temperature 15-30 °C Ideal
Germination Time 5-10 days
Soil pH 6.0 to 7.0
Sunlight Need 6-8 hours per day
Preferred Planting Method Direct Sowing/ Transplanting
Container size 3-4 can be planted in 10-liter containers. Keep a 6-8 inch distance between two plants.
Time to Harvest 60-100 days from germination
Harvest Period 60-100 days
Pollination Bee pollination
Typical Pests Serpentine leaf miner, Gram pod borer, Tobacco caterpillar, Whitefly.
Best season to plant in India March to June



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