• Potting Soil

    • It is 100% Natural & Finely Textured and Odorless.
    • Suitable PH between 5.0 and 6.5 is satisfactory for most plants.
    • Potting soil is a slow-release fertilizer to provide nutrients for a single season.
    • Excellent water-holding properties help the soil stay evenly moist without being soggy.
    • The combination of vermicompost and cocopeat helps in achieving the faster growth of plants.
    • Free of weed seeds, fungal pathogens, or can be sterilized without producing harmful by-products.
  • Cow Dung Manure

    • It is a100% Natural & Finely Textured, Odorless Organic Fertilizer.
    • Excellent Growing medium for all kinds of Indoor & Outdoor Plants.
    • High-quality Organic fertilizer made from natural decomposition at an affordable price & environment friendly.
    • Slow-release fertilizer improves Soil Structure, drainage, nutrient density, salinity levels, pH levels & enhances disease resistant.
    • Abono packages are in Eco-friendly Reusable Cotton bags.
  • Vermi Zakan

    • Abono Vermicompost is rich in NPK ( nitrogen 23%, potassium 1.85 – 2.25 and phosphorus 1.55 – 2.25%, and micronutrients, beneficial soil microbes.
    • Vermicompost helps improve soil structure, texture, porosity, water holding capacity, drainage, and aeration and reduces erosion.
    • Organic remains are pulverized by earthworms in a traditional way with soil-enhancing goodies, which are great for your soil.
    • Enhances physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil.
    • Increases the catchment power of the soil, thus creating an ideal vegetative root environment.
    • Accelerates Germination & produces humic acid which helps in plant growth.
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Biological fertilizers can mobilize nutrients that favor the development of biological activities in soils. The maintenance of plant health is enhanced by the addition of balanced nutrients. Food supply is provided and the growth of microorganisms and beneficial soil worms is impelled.

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