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There is a growing need for sustainable agricultural solutions that can address the world’s most pressing challenges, including food security, climate change, and environmental sustainability. At Abono Biotech, we are committed to using biotechnology to create sustainable Farming solutions that can meet these challenges and provide a better future for all.


We specialize in the manufacturing of high-quality bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, bio-fungicides, and gardening products. Our products are designed to promote plant growth, protect crops from pests and diseases, and improve soil health in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.



Abono Biotech Industries' mission is to promote sustainable agriculture and enable healthy and fruitful plant growth by providing innovative and effective products and services to farmers and gardeners.



Our vision is to improve rural livelihoods and sustainable food systems in the Global South using sustainable practices and promote our farming products worldwide and be the leading seller of eco-friendly goods to mankind.



Abono Biotech Industries is committed to minimizing our environmental impact through responsible manufacturing practices and providing eco-friendly products that do not harm the environment or wildlife.

Eco - Friendly Packaging:

Quality Products for a Better Life!

With the growing awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution, we pack our Products in Cotton Reusable Bag for outer packing thereby eradicating the use of plastic completely. Not only does the packaging help the environment, with our logo on it, but it also lasts for years, reminding the consumer of their choice in an environmentally friendly company.

Core Values:


Our commitment to our core purpose motivates us to step outside of our comfort zones and explore new and unusual ideas in Agricultural Industry. We see honest failure as a future learning opportunity.

Mutual Respect &Dignity​

We appreciate and acknowledge each other's differences and duties. Respect encourages collaboration and makes it easier to attain our joint objectives. We talk with one another rather than about one another. We demonstrate mutual trust and confidence.​


We're aiming to create an environment where individuals can thrive. We have the chance and the responsibility to expand responsibly and maintain our environment for future generations. Ethical and environmental practices are extremely important to us. We run our company in such a way that it protects the environment and preserves the earth's natural resources for future generations​


Our team's strength comes not just from our combined knowledge and skills, but also from our ability to trust one another in every situation. We understand that our finest work is generated by working together as a team and supporting one another on a daily basis. This team culture extends to our clients, as we treat every business relationship as a partnership in which we work together to achieve our objectives.​



Abono is a proud member of the Indian Nurserymen Association (INA), the leading association representing nurseries across India. Our membership in INA reflects our commitment to excellence in the nursery industry. As a trusted fertilizer manufacturer, we collaborate with nurseries throughout the country to provide high-quality products that meet the unique needs of Indian plants and soils. Our partnerships with nurseries allow us to continuously improve and innovate, ensuring our fertilizers deliver exceptional results for your gardening endeavors. Through our partnerships with nurseries, we strive to bring you the highest quality fertilizers that are tailored to the unique needs of Indian plants and soils. Our extensive range of organic fertilizers, soil conditioners, and plant growth enhancers are formulated to provide optimal nutrition, promote healthy plant growth, and enhance the fertility of your soil.


Dr.M.Sivakumar, B.Sc.(Biochemistry), M.Sc.(Applied Microbiology) Ph.D., Business Development, Enivornmental Science (Salim Ali Center, Coimbatore), Underwent Training in Defense

Food Research lab of Mysore, served as a consultant to District Industry Center Funded Subsidy Projects, Govt.of.Tamilnadu, Principal Consultant, QHSE Solutions, Coimbatore; Branch Manger, Interfield Laboratories, Kochi; Subsidy Consultant, MVEE Power, Powerol, Coimbatore; Manger Research And Development, Shanti Fortune India Private Limited, Coimbatore; Microbiologist, Annapoorna Hotels Private Limited, Coimbatore; Kovai Annapoorna Foods And Beverages, Chennai; Research And Development In charge, Tan India Limited, Sorbitol division, Salem; Specialization in the field of food technology, Microbiology, Immunology, Marketing research related aspects, Business related aspects, Certification aspects. Visited Nepal and China served as a Feed Formulation Consultant. Product Development for Abono Biotech Industries Pvt Ltd.

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